The benefits in utilising the Centrepoint Finance Group are as follows:

  • We have access to all the major banks and boutique lenders. To see our current list of financiers click here. This means we can tailor a loan to your requirements rather then be limited by the product range available from one Financier.
  • You deal with a Finance Broker who takes the time to understand your finance requirements based on your goals and aspirations and these has the ability to be able to select the right products and services.
  • We do all the running around and let you concentrate on getting on with your life. From the initial discussions through to settlement we take care of everything.


What is the difference between a Finance Broker and a Mortgage Broker

A Finance Broker will typically provide Business Finance including Vehicle and Equipment Finance Products where a Mortgage Broker will specialise in Consumer Finance. Both have different skills and it is important that you deal with a Broker that is experienced in the type of finance that you require.  The reason for this is that if you approach the wrong Broker it may result in the way the application is submitted to a financier not containing the required information resulting in the ability for you to obtain finance becoming difficult.

What is the process when dealing with a Centrepoint Finance Broker?

Assess your financial circumstances

A Broker will take the time to discuss your needs and circumstances with you. Rather than a single financier that has a set range of finance and products your Broker will be able to determine which type of loan is most suitable.

Your Centrepoint Finance Broker has access to many different lenders, including major banks and boutique financiers.

Manage the process

If you wish to proceed, your Broker will assess the information you require to provide  and once received will then complete an application and liaise with the financier on your behalf. This will include the completion and submission of your application and the on-going communication between all parties until your application is approved and settled.

Provide advice at every step

There are many steps in the loan process and a Broker will help you from your initial steps, such as getting the approval right through to settlement. A Broker is also with you for the changes that occur throughout your personal or business life (as the case maybe) and can also assist should your objectives or financial circumstances change.

Keep you informed

Through regular interaction.

Please go to our Contact Us page and get in touch with your nearest Centrepoint Finance Broker to discuss how we can tailor the ideal finance package for your business.