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Business acquisition finance opens doors to new growth prospects by offering flexible funding solutions and the ability to acquire new assets and companies.



Streamlined pre-approval process for business acquisition finance offers quick access to funding, allowing for smooth and efficient business expansion.



Centrepoint Finance offers expert guidance and tailored solutions in business acquisition finance, providing efficient and effective financing options for your business growth.

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Tailored financing solutions

Centrepoint Finance provides customized financing solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses seeking acquisition financing.


Experienced lending team

The lending team at Centrepoint Finance is experienced in providing business acquisition financing and can guide businesses through the process.


Fast and efficient underwriting

Centrepoint Finance has a fast and efficient underwriting process, ensuring that businesses receive a decision on their financing request in a timely manner.


Access to a wide range of lenders

Centrepoint Finance has access to a wide range of lenders and can help businesses secure financing from the best lender for their specific needs.


Flexible repayment terms

Centrepoint Finance offers flexible repayment terms to meet the unique cash flow needs of businesses seeking acquisition financing.


Ongoing support and service

Centrepoint Finance provides ongoing support and service to its clients, ensuring that their financing needs are met throughout the life of the loan.

Frequently asked questions

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Finance

Merger and acquisition finance in Australia is the financing used to fund the purchase of a company or business through a merger or acquisition. This can include a combination of debt and equity financing, and is often used by companies looking to expand their business or enter new markets.

M&A finance in Australia typically involves a company or investor acquiring a target company or business. The purchase price is typically financed through a combination of debt and equity, such as loans from banks or private equity firms, and the company or investor will use the assets and cash flow of the target company to repay the debt.

The benefits of M&A finance in Australia include allowing companies to expand their operations, enter new markets, and increase their competitiveness. It can also provide access to new technology and expertise and can lead to cost savings through economies of scale.

Applying for loan

The risks of M&A finance in Australia include the potential for the target company to underperform, leading to difficulty in repaying the debt. It can also lead to cultural clashes and integration issues. It’s important to thoroughly do due diligence on the target company and to have a solid integration plan in place before proceeding with an M&A deal.

The documents required for M&A finance in Australia can vary depending on the target company and the type of financing, but typically will include financial statements, legal documents, and due diligence reports. It’s also important to have a legally binding agreement in place outlining the terms of the financing and the M&A deal.

The turnaround time can be quick. Most lenders have quick turnarounds, usually in as little as 24 hours.

General Questions

Yes, depending on your circumstances, banks secure loans with collateral like real estate, inventory or equipment financing to minimize their financial risk.

Acquisition finance is a long-term financial solution that can help you during the crucial early years of a new business. While there are short-term financing options available (including short-term loans), there are more long-term options available to suit your existing business needs, including alternatives like equipment finance.

You can receive financial acquisition loans for purchasing a new business, expansion of existing businesses, buy-out of existing shareholders, shareholder exits and capital raisings.

M&A finance for your business

There are several types of finance options available for businesses seeking to finance a merger or acquisition in Australia, including traditional business loans, mezzanine financing, equity financing, and debt financing. The type of finance you choose will depend on your specific needs and circumstances, so it’s important to speak with a qualified finance professional who can help you navigate your options.

When applying for merger and acquisition finance, you will typically need to provide several documents to the lender, including financial statements, tax returns, business plans, and details of the merger or acquisition itself. You may also need to provide collateral or a personal guarantee, depending on the type of finance you’re applying for.

The time it takes to get approval for merger and acquisition finance can vary depending on the lender, the type of finance you’re applying for, and your own financial circumstances. In some cases, you may be able to get approval within a few days, while in others it may take several weeks or longer. It’s important to factor in this timeline when planning your merger or acquisition, so you can ensure you have the funds you need when you need them.

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