Equipment Finance Brisbane

Every Equipment Finance purchase is Unique! Make sure you talk to one of our Equipment Finance Melbourne team to see how we can help with the finance.

Equipment Finance Melbourne call (03) 8563 4000. Established since 1982 we understand that every business – and every equipment finance purchase is unique. That is why one of our Equipment Finance Melbourne team and will meet with you to find out your equipment finance requirements now and in the future.

Our Financing Options

We offer a wide range of financing options from major and boutique financiers. The assets we can finance include vehicles, trucks and trailers,  plant and machinery, renewables (solar, lighting etc.),  earthmoving and construction, mining, imported equipment plus many other equipment types.

Why Choose us?

Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients by providing  expertise and access to a wide range of Equipment Finance and Business Finance Products. This experience and product range enables us to offer you:

  • Structured Finance transactions that are suited to your business requirements;
  • Additional options compared to what one financier can provide.  We have access to a wide range of Financiers. This includes core financiers (the major Bank’s) and a number of boutique lenders. These boutique lenders specialise in assets that a Bank would generally not finance without additional security.  We can provide finance for most assets used by businesses;
  • The ability to be able to fund equipment that would typically require additional security; and
  • In most cases we can free up security held to be better used for core banking requirements.

We are also proud to be a member of the Commercial & Asset Finance Brokers Association  “CAFBA”. CAFBA is the peak professional body of the Commercial and Equipment Finance Industry. Membership ensures our client’s that we are adhering to ongoing education requirements.