Whilst importing equipment direct from an overseas supplier can seem daunting to some we can make the process seamless from the purchase right through to the financing of the equipment.


If you are considering importing equipment the key things from our experience that need to be considered are:

  • What are the payment terms required by the Supplier?
  • Are you taking any payment risk?
  • Is a deposit required?
  • Is a Letter of Credit required?
  • Is the purchase in foreign currency?
  • How do you mitigate the exchange risk?
  • How do you structure the transaction?


What are other items to consider?

  • The financial strength of the supplier – what happens if a deposit is paid and the equipment is not shipped or delivered?
  • Does the equipment need to be installed and commissioned at your premises? If payment had been made when it was shipped can the supplier ensure the equipment is commissioned and working to your satisfaction?
  • Can the supplier provide the equipment in a timely manner and have it operating when required at your premises?
  • What GST is payable when the equipment arrives in Australia?


How we help!

We can assist you with the finance for amounts (the equivalent of AUD $200,000 and above) as follows:

  • structuring the transaction to provide additional protection against the pitfalls of importing.
  • arrange the financing of the import (including a Letter of Credit, Forward Exchange Contract and Trade Finance).
  • Having finance approved for the conversion to the Equipment Finance product.


More importantly an unlike some of the major financiers the only security generally required is the Equipment being imported.

Please feel free to make contact to discuss any aspect of your importing requirements.