Established since 1982 Centrepoint Finance arranges financing for businesses that are acquiring solar equipment.

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What can be financed?

We can source finance for a wide range of solar  products.

Benefits to you

  • Various products and options available providing choices
  • 100% financing
  • Subject to credit approval allows customers to obtain finance that is generally not available from their own bank
  • No need to provide additional security in most instances




Why wouldn’t I just find my own finance?

Answer:ching for e right lender and the right

Searching for the right lender can be time consuming and costly, and there are only a small number of lenders that offer this type of finance. By using Centrepoint  Finance you save yourself time and money.


Would it be better to utilise my own bank?

Answer:mmend that a customer should

Your Bank may not be able to provide the product however we recommend that businesses do not finance their equipment as part of their core banking facilities. Banks will normally require security for this type of equipment, which may affect you in obtaining an increase in facilities to cover working capital requirements.


Why use Centrepoint Finance instead of other providers?

Answer:gy efficient

We know that it is more than just providing the finance, it requires innovative financial solutions that are suited to your specific requirements. We have the experience and expertise in working with a broad range of businesses and industries, and can provide you with access to multiple financiers and products. This provides more options than dealing with one financier.

What is the next step?

Contact us at our nearest location to discuss a solar financial solutionto meet your needs.

Applications subject to credit approval citeria being met. ^Terms may vary depending on the product.