Slattery’s Asset Advisory produces a quarterly report that looks at the performance of assets in various industry sectors. In the summary to their latest report Slattery’s advise that they have seen mixed results in many sectors. For example, declining sales and depressed conditions in the automotive and heavy transport sectors saw those markets continue to go backwards from previous quarters, whereas the mining and earthmoving sectors have shown positive signs with increases in sales of new equipment and capital investment from the mining sector.


The quarter, in short, can be found below:

  • They continue to see the decline in the new Truck sales market due to the oversupply of trucks throughout 2018 and the downward pressure on operators to reduce their margins.
  • Volvo is the flavour of the quarter in the heavy-duty truck sector bringing their year to date total to 1,656 just 50 trucks behind market leader Kenworth.
  • Caterpillar Inc is reporting a 6% decrease in revenue across their business. The Caterpillar construction industries for Asia Pacific have reported a 29% decline in sales in the third quarter.
  • The TMA (Tractor and Machinery Association) has reported that confidence in the sector remains low, however, there has been a reasonable amount of deals happening with dealers looking to sell equipment at less margins than we normally see.
  • Year-to-date, the motor vehicle market is sitting on 811,464 registrations, down 7.9 per cent compared to the same point in 2018
  • Passenger cars are down 18.3% and light commercial vehicles have been down 5.4% for the quarter. The only rise in vehicle sales over the quarter is in the SUV segment which is up by 1.1%.


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