It is coming up to that time of the year when dealers and suppliers are throwing around offers to move stock.

Whilst these offers may sound attractive you could be forgiven for thinking you’re ahead of the game.  However, if you’ve paid too much for the vehicle or equipment to get the discount finance offer the story may be very different.

In addition these finance offers are generally subject to conditions. Such as the term of the loan must be a certain period that may not suit your requirements.

Before you buy, it’s wise to ask your dealer/supplier for their best price on a cash purchase because only then can you really compare the actual costs associated with ownership. If your purchase is a vehicle we also have access to a car buying service that can assist in tendering with dealers for their best price. 

Armed with this information, you can source your own finance with confidence knowing that you have the best price and can then access finance products which could better suit your needs, particularly if you need to payout the loan ahead of time.

If you do get a finance quote have a chat with us about what you are being offered. We will be happy to review and provide our thoughts on the offer.