Originally established in 1982 Centrepoint Finance is one of Australia’s most successful and highly regarded providers of financial services in its field.

We source financing solutions to businesses – small through to ASX listed.

We also help individuals with our access to various consumer loan products.

Across Australia our teams come together every day to help our clients achieve their business and personal goals. They do this by understanding and then delivering on our vision, purpose, values and strategies.

Throughout history people have used finance as a means to achieving success so why not have a chat with one of our experienced team to see how we can help you achieve yours or you can contact us at our nearest location.

Our Vision

To be the leading and respected provider of commercial and equipment finance broking and support services to industry and businesses throughout Australia.

Our Purpose

To support our clients by sourcing and delivering the most appropriate products and services relative to their needs.

Our Values

Respect: We believe in and demonstrate courtesy and professional behaviours to our staff, clients and business partners.

Clarity: We will be clear and truthful in all dealings both internally and externally.

Trust: We will demonstrate by our actions that we behave in a manner that engenders trust.

Inspiring: We will provide our team with a harmonious workplace and the opportunity to achieve their full potential by providing ongoing access to training, support and meaningful feedback in agreed areas.

Our Strategy

Supporting Clients – We support our clients by streamlining the process of obtaining commercial finance. By gaining an understanding of their unique circumstances, we are able to provide products and services which support their needs in a manner which is aligned with their expectations and our values.

Behaviours – A working environment which is inclusive and non-discriminatory enhances our ability to attract and retain quality people. This is achieved by recruiting the best person for a particular role, being clear in our expectations, providing ongoing training and support and conducting regular reviews of progress.

Communication – The products and services we provide are constantly evolving and we will maintain regular contact with our clients to ensure we provide them with relevant and topical information which helps them make more informed business decisions.

Growth – To achieve our strategic objectives we must invest in both generic and non-core business activities. Our success is measured by continued growth in balance sheet equity, return on investment, earnings per share, new to business customers and overall profitability.

Environment – By engaging in better business practices we will reduce our use of non-renewable consumables across the business.