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Centrepoint Finance can provide your business with greater financial flexibility and help you manage your cash flow.


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Multiple loan choices

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals that are experts in the car loan industry.


Multiple loan choices

We are partnered with some of Australia’s best credit providers. This gives us access to the best rates for your car loan.


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Our team of more than 150 asset finance brokers work with you until your car loan is settled.

Frequently asked questions

Introduction to Debt Restructuring Services

Debt restructuring is the process of reorganising debt in order to improve cash flow, reduce interest rates, and extend payment terms.

Businesses may need debt restructuring services if they are struggling to meet debt repayments or if they want to improve their financial position.

The benefits of debt restructuring services include lower interest rates, reduced debt payments, improved cash flow, and a better financial position.

Debt Restructuring Services Process

The debt restructuring process typically involves an assessment of the business’s financial situation, negotiating with creditors, and developing a new repayment plan.

A financial assessment involves reviewing the business’s financial statements, cash flow projections, and debt obligations in order to determine the best course of action.

During negotiations with creditors, debt restructuring experts work to negotiate more favourable terms, including lower interest rates, longer payment terms, or reduced debt obligations.

Applying for Debt Restructuring Services

The process for applying for debt restructuring services involves contacting a provider, completing an application, and undergoing a financial assessment.

The length of the application process will vary depending on the provider, but it can typically take several weeks.

Information required for a debt restructuring services application includes details about the business’s financial situation, debt obligations, and payment history.

Repaying Debt Restructuring Services

Repayment options for debt restructuring services include regular repayments, lump sum repayments, or a combination of both.

Repayments are typically made via direct debit or electronic funds transfer.

The repayment schedule can typically be changed, provided the changes are agreed upon by both the business and the debt restructuring provider.

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Centrepoint Finance can provide your business with greater financial flexibility
and help you manage your cash flow.

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