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Easily apply for vendor financing online with our quick and convenient process. Enjoy fast approvals and manage your account from the comfort of your own home.


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Vendor finance online applications are convenient, fast, and provide access to financing options, helping businesses to preserve cash flow and grow.



Customized vendor finance plans align with your business needs, offering payment flexibility and protecting cash flow for potential expansion.

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Potential sales, faster

Tailored vendor finance options preserve cash flow, creating the potential for business growth and expansion, while also providing flexible payment options.


Manage our sales cycle

Tailored vendor finance options allow businesses to implement flexible pricing strategies, preserving cash flow while providing the freedom to pursue other projects.


Secure repeat business

Securing repeat business is crucial for a business’s success. Tailored vendor finance options provide the necessary flexibility to achieve this goal.


Fast payment (reduce DSO)

Finance applications with next-day turnover time allow for quick access to funding, allowing you to stay on top of your financial obligations.


Efficient use of cash

Your customer’s finance equipment purchase can be paid off by the increased efficiencies the equipment provides.


Alternative payment option

Reduce barriers for your customer with payment options by helping your customers find finance to purchase your products.

Frequently asked questions

About vendor finance

One-on-one service enables you to understand our processes to confidently offer the right options to the right customers. We also provide detailed documentation for your reference.

At a minimum, your customers will need to have at least a two-year trading history and business assets. The application will be weighed against the potential benefits of a vendor finance agreement with legal assistance and financial advice.

We lend vendor finance to any Australian business, small through to ASX listed with a valid ABN or ACN.

Applying for loan

We never want you to have to worry about a customer being rejected for vendor finance. We help you to correctly identify vendor finance customers who meet our eligibility criteria. If you’re unsure about a customer’s eligibility, you can always contact us for guidance to analyse your customer’s entire business circumstances. Your customer should be in a good position and have sound reasons for any bad credit history.

A number of assets will be taken into consideration such as how much is being borrowed, what the interest rate will be, the term of the loan agreement and how your financial reports will be provided.

We will make you feel stress-free by ensuring the loan agreement is properly drafted by an experienced commercial lawyer, the loan is secured by the business assets and the vendor does not provide too much finance.

Getting my loan approved

Personal guarantees that were discussed in the contract such as business assets or a mortgage over property owned by the buyer can be used.

Risks related to vendor finance happen when the person selling a business also funds part of the purchase price, which comes with its risks. The buyer pays an initial amount upon settlement, and the balance (including interest) is met over an agreed period with regular repayments. If any late or missed payments occur, the seller providing vendor finance arrangement will decide on the penalties or debt owed.

Any proposed vendor finance arrangement should be discussed with your lawyer.

Paying my loan

Vendor financing in Australia typically works by the seller providing a loan to the buyer to purchase the property or business. The buyer will then make regular payments to the seller until the loan is fully repaid. The terms of the loan, such as interest rate and repayment period, will be agreed upon by both parties.

The benefits of vendor financing in Australia include allowing buyers who may not qualify for traditional financing to purchase a property or business, as well as providing sellers with a steady stream of income from the loan repayments. Vendor financing can also lead to a faster sale of the property or business.

The documents required for vendor financing in Australia can vary depending on the property or business, but typically will include proof of income and financial statements for the buyer, and documentation related to the property or business being sold, such as title deeds, lease agreements and financial statements of the vendor. It’s also important to have a legally binding agreement in place outlining the terms of the loan.

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